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A detailed understanding of provider’s needs underpins our extensive research and analytical services for the sector. Whether it’s internal surveys of your staff and parents, or influential national studies on sector skills needs and delivery costs, we are trusted to deliver insight and analysis which drives action and puts evidence at the heart of decision-making. Come and see us at stand 6 and see why our approach to collecting parent and staff feedback is praised by inspectors.

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Community Playthings

A sound understanding of child development underpins Community Playthings’ product design. Manufactured in the UK, our solid wood furniture, toys and outdoor play equipment supports children’s creativity, learning and play in schools and nurseries across the private, voluntary and public sectors.

Community Playthings has been creating child-friendly environments for over 50 years.

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Herts for Learning

Herts for Learning offer a wide range of early years resources to support you in aligning with the EYFS statutory framework. Each of the resources is easy to use and implement, and can significantly improve your practice. These include: Places to Play – aiding practitioners to effectively organise their early years environment; Essential Foundations for Counting - a set of booklets supporting the effective development of children’s foundations for counting; and Making the Difference toolkit – guiding and supporting early years practitioners to identify eligibility, and the effective use of funding.


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