VENUE: etc. venues Maple House, Birmingham

The new Education Inspection Framework (EIF) aims to raise standards and rebalance inspections through a renewed emphasis on ‘Quality of education’, and less focus on outcomes data.

This new ‘Quality of education’ judgement, says Ofsted:

  • brings together ‘the essential ingredients of education: the curriculum; the teaching, and the assessment that provides the feedback loop; and the resulting outcomes’ and
  • ‘is intended to restore curriculum – largely “missing in action” from inspection for more than a decade – to its proper place, as an important component of the quality of education’.

Under the newly-implemented framework, there is a clear expectation that settings deliver a curriculum that is:

  • broad, balanced and aspirational
  • planned coherently to provide ‘progression’ and ‘stretch’
  • delivered to the highest standards, and
  • assessed effectively,so ensuring the best possible outcomes for all children, particularly those from disadvantaged families 

Focusing on the ‘Quality of education’ judgement – comprising Intent, Implementation and Impact – this conference will:

  • provide an overview of the new framework, and the ‘Quality of education’ judgement in particular
  • analyse what ‘quality of education’ means in the context of the early years
  • give practical guidance on how to sequence and provide challenge in children’s learning experiences
  • explore cultural capital from a nursery perspective, and
  • consider the experiences of a pilot setting..

The programme aims to help practitioners from across the sector to develop, implement and articulate their vision of ‘quality education’ for the children in their setting.